Attention Men!!

Are You tired of the “Cookie Cutter Haircut” You get at the “Chain Salons”?

You know what I’m talking about…the places you go that are filled with “Beauty School Graduates”, you sit in the chair and ask for a “Haircut” and their eyes glaze over because they've been training for the last year to do the latest women’s styles, colors, perms, and cuts…and all you want is a Sharp, Professional, Clean Haircut!

If you  like the Traditional Barber Shop treatment when You get Your Hair Cut…come on in Today and visit Penny's Barber Shop!Penny Morris- Barber


Penny has been a Barber since 1992 and Specializes in Men’s Cuts and Styles. You know, the kind where the final neck and side-burn trim is done with Warm Shaving Cream and Straight Razor!

Penny will even give You a FREE Hot Towel Scalp Massage with and Regular Haircut! Think they will give You that level of Service at a “Super Cuts” type place? NOT!

Penny's Barber Shop is a Family Friendly Barber Shop Offering Quick Professional Service and Reasonable Prices.

An appointment assures no wait but walk-ins are always welcome.